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Philleep Florence has been generating creative digital ideas and projects for some years and has collected a few awards and accolades for the use of simple, intuitive and elegant solutions to solve various digital requests.

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These are a few more favorite works, but hey! You be the judge! There's a whole lot more...

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In case you are still unsure of who or what Philleep Florence is or does, Philleep Florence is a hub of creative technology that generates User Interface & User Experience Design, Digital Identity, Database Solutions and Web Applications Development and any problem solved with web technologies.

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522 46 Street Brooklyn NY 11220 USA
+1 800 985 9250

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Building a web application is a lot like building a house. There are many steps in the process, each affecting the next and the overall outcome. There are strategies and blueprints, designs and color palettes, then framing and finishing...

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Philleep Florence LLC
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