A New Year, A New Site


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A New Year, A New Site

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2015-01-27 : 00:30

The last time I made any updates to the portfolio, the democrats still had control of the upper house of the American legislative branch, my two younger brothers were still single. To put it numeric terms, that was over 18 months ago. Since then, I had collaborated on more than 10 small, medium and large scale projects. I had travelled more than 56,000 miles around the globe — well through 3 continents — while experiencing a temperature range of more than 80°F. In all that time, my portfolio sat stagnant!

This year, I made it a point to revamp the portfolio come what may, and with the help and encouragement of my buddy and frequent collaborator David Roma, decided to sit down and re-code philleep.com, transforming it into philleepflorence.com, while he updated his portfolio as well. We grilled each other, criticized each other, inspired each other, debugged each other's code and voila!

PhilleepFlorence.com is born again!



I decided to use PhilleepEdit — The Content Management Tool developed in house — to build the site, allowing me to focus on content, UX and UI. Converting the JSON data that the previous version of philleep.com used to the new format proved quite daunting but well worth the effort. I decided to move most of the computing effort from the Front End to the Server Side as the portfolio would only grow and also to allow for proper indexing. Adding a new entry to the portfolio would no longer be the dreaded visit to the dentist.



I didn't want to spend a lot of time with the UI design as I knew that would be a rabbit hole I didn't wish to follow.

I am my own worst critic. Nothing I do is good enough for me!

So I kept most of the old UI but added a few updates here and there, taking inspirations from sites I loved. I knew I wanted a preview pane on the home page that would feature projects I was proud of and wanted to highlight, but I didn't want a whole lot of content, but rather one image and a short call-to-action that would be describe the project and in turn say a little about what Philleep Florence is about.


The benefit of using PhilleepEdit, which a lot of clients have benefited from, was the addition of many features that would further enhance the User Experience and Engagement while navigating the digital landscape of PhilleepFlorence.com.


After converting the previous JSON data from philleep.com, it was a breeze updating the filter module, even the filter results can be shared! Now if you ask me if I do eCommerce, you know where to go!


The old search function relied on the loaded JSON data on the client side, but the the Search Module of PhilleepEdit now makes searching a breeze, even portfolio images are searchable!


Yes! Comments, I can receive your thoughts and prayers! Sorry Robots, but can't touch this!

Till next time!

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