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Get the next record in a SQL table!

2016-02-13 : 10:30

what MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). It is used primarily for data storage and processing. It is the Database of choice for Philleep Florence's framework, PhilleepEdit. You can learn more about MySQL from: @mysql.org why While developing my new blog and a new beverage discovery web application, I wanted to always have the next record available for a more improved user experience, hence the SQL query below. The query written had to get the next record or return to the start of the table if current record is the last. how ...

Philleep Florence


Code Snippets - HandleBars.js Helpers - ONE

2015-06-25 : 18:00

what Handlebars helper for getting the first non empty variable or object property. Handlebars is an awesome HTML templating language. For more information on Handlebars and its awesomeness, check out the main site of Handlebars. why Well... Because sometimes you could have more than one properties you want to check against and going the route of "if" and "else" may not be the most efficient method of checking against multiple properties. It also allows for a virtually unlimited amount of arguments. how Fork it on GitHub's Gist That's all folks... for...

PhilleepEdit Webmaster


Getting More with LESS! - Mixins!

2015-04-07 : 10:30

what Less is a CSS pre-processor, meaning that it extends the CSS language, adding features that allow variables (containers for storing variables), mixins (patterns of property value pairs, which can then be reused), functions and many other techniques that a developer to make CSS that is more maintainable, 'themable' and extendable. Today we deal primarily with mixins and helpers that really really really make LESS Object Oriented. You can learn more about LESS Mixins from: @lesscss.org Features - Mixins why Well... Because it is AWESOME! Plus Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is awesome. I wouldn't go into all the benefits...

Philleep Florence


Code Snippets - Get DOM Element Content

2015-03-25 : 18:00

As I move deeper into the world of MVC and Modular Programming, I find it easier to abstract functions and helpers even more. This helps when switching libraries, for example, moving from jQuery to another library. This is the start of a series posts that will be periodically created to share those abstracted functions. Feel free to contribute, critique or read on. what Get the value of a DOM element without having to know the type of element. why Abstracts the Model (data) from the View (html DOM type). Makes getting the value of any DOM element easy from one...

Philleep Florence

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