Functional Specification & Wireframe Viewer

Getting Started

  1. Loading and Viewing Functional Specification & Wireframe.
    1. Enter Project Code b and click the arrow button to load wireframes.
    2. To toggle between different sections or pages of the Functional Specification & Wireframe, use the circle buttons b.
    3. Mouseover each circle for more information.
      start-page a b c d
  2. Adding comments.
    1. Use the comment button a to open or close comments.
    2. The number next to the icon denotes number of comments in the active Functional Specification & Wireframe section.
    3. To add a comment use the button b to open comment form.
      The following fields are required:
      1. First and Last Name
      2. Email Address
      3. Comment
      To add comment to Project Functional Specification & Wireframe, submit form.
      You should get a notification in your email address upon submission.
    4. Mouseover each circle for more information.
      start-page a b
Philleep Florence LLC

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Philleep Florence LLC
Philleep Florence LLC
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