The Discovery Process

We need to learn as much as possible about your business goals, marketing objectives, industry, competitors and the marketplace. We need to know where you want to go. We need to know your staffing and content production intentions. And finally, we need to understand who you are and where you have been.


How it works

After you complete and submit this online questionnaire, we will spend some time reviewing it. We visit or use the websites or applications you have shared, we will study your competitors, read up on your industry, assess your peers, get familiar with your business objectives and follow up with any questions we might have. Give us a little time to prepare. Yes, you are eager to find out how much this project is going to cost, but would you not rather know that we have done our homework and that our estimate is thoroughly researched? We are working on other projects too, with deadlines, so we will need a little space.


Analytics and Strategic Objectives

Upon review, we would come up with goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics, which would be included in the discovery summary and proposal document. This would enable us to have a smooth development process, which includes: Discovery Phase, UX/IA (User Experience & Information Architecture), Visual Design, Asset Creation, Code Development, QA (Quality Assurance), Alpha Launch, Beta Launch and finally Production Launch.



You will need to sign up or sign in to create and submit a Business Discovery Questionnaire. Please have your full name, telephone number, email address, and the name of your project, organization or company ready.