Business Automation

  1. Web Applications Integration.
  2. Labor Resource Restructuring.
  3. Work-Flow Standardization.

Business automation is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes.

It can streamline a business or organization for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, lower labor overhead costs, improve accountability, increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs.

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Digital Strategy

  1. Creative Strategy.
  2. Strategic Discovery.
  3. Business, Competitive & Cultural Research.
  4. Persona Development.
  5. Behavioral Insights & Experience Planning.

Navigating the digital strategy landscape can be complex, so we find the most direct and efficient methods to achieve your business goals.

We make sure to understand your audience and business needs so your application or website is custom tailored to you and your unique business requirements while addressing both short and long-term needs.

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Design & Development

  1. Creative Direction.
  2. Art Direction.
  3. Technical Direction.
  4. Front End and Back End Development.
  5. Motion Design.
  6. User Interface and User Experience Design.

The website or application of a business is very critical to its success especially when most of the revenue of the business comes from its online presence.

We try hard to make sure your website or application is simple and intuitive enough to retain users or convert visitors to clients!

We convert the technical jargon to beautiful user interfaces and experiences!

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  1. Conversion Analysis.
  2. Systems Integration & Third Party Management.
  3. Product CMS Development.
  4. Product Inventory Analysis.

No matter the size of your online store we make sure there are systems in place to allow your business to grow, from infancy to enterprise.

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Digital Marketing

  1. Strategic Discovery.
  2. Analytics.
  3. Search Engine Optimization.
  4. Social Media Optimization.

Research, research, and more research! 

We purposely have a long discovery and planning process in order to use your budget effectively to provide you with a decent return on your investment.

We try hard to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as increase the visibility of your website or application to users. We also use a number of social media outlets and platforms to generate publicity to increase the awareness of your business.

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Content Production

  1. Copywriting
  2. Content strategy.
  3. Long and short-form content.
  4. Agile Content Development.
Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering written words that get people to take some form of action.

We try hard to make sure the content of your website or application is clear and precise, non-technical where it does not need to be.

We use your vision as a roadmap to content development, and as your vision matures or changes, so would the content.

All our applications and website come with a content management platform so your content can be organic and dynamic.

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Applications Management

  1. Content Management Systems Development.
  2. Applications Maintenance.
  3. Systems Administration.

Applications management is the process of managing applications throughout their lifecycle. We not only build or prototype applications, we also deploy, optimize, maintain, and manage the applications or the servers on which we install the applications.

We continuously learn best practices, techniques, and procedures essential to your deployed application's optimal operation, performance and efficiency throughout the enterprise and back-end infrastructure.

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